The software will be downloaded only on one computer / laptop only. All your online tests (Subjective and objective) shall be conducted through this software only.

Installation Process :

Step 1 : Download your required INSTALLER as per your system type (Windows or MAC OS)

Step 2 : Double Click on the Downloaded file or Right click on the downlaoded file and click on RUN as Administrator.

Step 3 : Enter your login ID and password. (Given you in mail)


IMPORTANT : If you find any “Error Message” in activation, then, probably your computer antivirus might be stopping this software to run. Disable the antivirus and repeat the above process again, Alternatively you can contact your antivirus vendor and ask to add exception for this software.
for technical assistance, call on 8587880828.


Overview of TABS in E-book panel

We would like to give you an overview of the tabs visible on your e-book test App.

1. Beginner Step : This tab displays the Beginner Step Questions. These questions are drafted to give you conceptual clarity of the topics. You can Practice as many times you want.

2. Home Work : This tab contains the SUBJECTIVE home work assignments given in class. You are required to do the homework and upload it on the specified link in this tab. The home shall be checked online and you can view the checked homework within 10 days on this tab.

3. Self Evaluation Test : We have uploaded various objective/subjective type papers of each subject. You can practice as many times you want.

4. Mock Test : This tab contains mock test papers to be attempted after specified lectures. These tests can be attempted only once. Further Full Syllabus tests will be conducted after completion of syllabus. Once you open this test, you can not reopen this.

5. Pre Mock Test : We have uploaded few Subjective / Objective type papers. You can give these tests on any day. These tests can be attempted only once. Once you open this test, you can not reopen this.

6. Result : This tab will display the result of Mock test and Pre-Mock test.


How to attempt Mock test / Pre mock test :

Step 1 : Click on the icon “Click to Attempt” against the test you wish to appear.

Step 2 : Read the Instructions and click on “Start Examination”

Step 3 : For objective part, click on the correct options on the computer itself. For Subjective part, write the solution on the register.

Step 4 : Once paper is complete, Click on “FINISH EXAM”. This icon is visible on the bottom right.

Step 5 : If your computer is connected to internet, your objective script will be automatically be saved. However, sometimes, you shall be asked to save the objective answers. Save that file.

Step 6 : Go to result Panel. You shall find the link “Upload Subjective Script.” Click the Pic of your Solutions and upload the sheets.

Step 7 : After the sheets are uploaded, The result panel will then show “ RESULT AWAITED”


You can view the result within 10 days